Volume 2 of KWB Now Available

We’re proud to announce that VOLUME 2 of Killer Walking Bass is now available.

As with KWB1, we believe that having a keen melodic sense is what will make your walking style stand out. Of course, harmonic clarity and an impeccable rhythmic feel are essential. But that’s not enough to differentiate your playing from the rest.

For more details about our melodic walking bass approach, including principles and examples, see KWB Vol. 1 and our blog: http://blog.killerwalkingbass.com.

In KWB Vol. 2, we included tunes with more challenging chord changes. As with volume 1, the lines are conceived to be played behind the soloist. While walking over the head of the tune is important, most of the time you’ll be supporting soloists.

A majority of these lines rely on only a quarter notes, a staple of walking bass. However, in Vol. 2 we’ve added embellishments. For the last tune in the book, “Dolphin Song” (like “Dolphin Dance”), we even provide two choruses without embellishments and then with them. We encourage you to think of how you’ll enhance all of these lines with your own flair.

No tempos are given. Learn each piece at a slow tempo at first, but eventually move to a more suitable, standard tempo appropriate for the tune. In some cases, such as with “Expressions” (like “Impressions”), a very fast tempo may hinder your ability to play all of the embellishments. Adjust accordingly.

Finally, we’ve included notes that can only be played on five-string basses or with bass extensions. These are indicated with smaller note heads as alternatives to lines available for four-string basses.

Download a sample line of “Last Minute” (like “Moment’s Notice”)

We hope this collection helps in your quest to find the perfect walking line.


Killer Walking Bass, Volume 2
Killer Walking Bass, Volume 1

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Reviews of KWB1:
“This excellent book contains good, practical information for anyone ready to step up their bass playing game. It’s a different flavor of instruction manual, because it is not that at all: it is a guide for those who want to jump right in and play, rather than study. Its concise suggestions and exercises encourage the player to think about how their lines support and enhance their ensemble playing, and how walking a bass line can create subtle and various kinds of interplay in the improv ensemble.”

“This is a fantastic addition to the more prescriptive bass method books that may already be in your library. A must-have!”

“Great approach to a method without sacrificing personal style while presenting the techniques discussed in his written examples/etudes.”

…your search for the perfect line never ends — http://buy.killerwalkingbass.com